A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Group name and members

  • Group name: Couchman Meow
  • Members:
    • Anthony Halim
    • Dominic Chong
    • Louiz Kim-chan
    • Sophia Simangan

Readme and instructions

  • Controls
    • Mouse to select and click
    • Numbers 1-8 to access tasks in the taskbar.

  • For Asteroid screen: Click the button at the bottom of the screen to charge the ship’s weapons. Click it again when the bar next to changes from red.
  • For Temperature screen: Press the left or right-most buttons to change the direction of temperature. Press the middle button once the temperature level lies within the two yellow bars in the thermostat.
  • For Signature screen: Enter the correct symbols according the sticky note provided. Press the green button to send the note for approval. Once approval appears on the top of the screen, press the green button again.
  • What is it about?
    • Space Salary Man goes about his daily job saving the world through one menial task at a time.
    • We interpreted the meaning of clockwork as habitual habits that a person must go through, and made it into the main game mechanics. The player needs to juggle between his tasks like clockwork.


SpaceSalaryMan [MAC] 31 MB
SpaceSalaryMan [SOURCE].zip 73 MB
SpaceSalaryMan [PC].zip 29 MB

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