A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Compatible with PS4 Controllers and Keyboard

Controls (PS4)

Move - Left Analog
Look/Rotate - Right Analog
Grab/Drop object - L2/R2
Pause - Option Button

Controls (Keyboard)

Move - Arrow Keys
Rotate Counter-Clockwise - Z
Rotate Clockwise - C
Grab/Drop object - X
Pause - Escape

The Shifter was made during Gamecraft 2017, a 24 hour game jam held in Singapore. "Shift" was the theme of the game jam.

The Shifter is about a werewolf (called Wolff) who shifts furniture as living for the moving company  'We're Shifters'. It is unknown how he ended up shifting houses for a living.

The player controls Wolff and plays him in two different modes: Scenario and Timed. 

In Scenario, the player is made to shift a certain number of furniture out of the house without any time limit. This one is for those seeking a more relaxed play.

Timed, as the name suggests, has the player taking out furniture from one house and placing them in another within a time limit. The amount and type of furniture the player manages to move determines the final score. 


The Shifter (PC).zip 36 MB
The Shifter (MAC).app.zip 39 MB
The Shifter [SOURCE].zip 463 MB